New methods of communicating during the Rally
There are a variety of digital channels of communication to help you stay informed in Farmington during the WBCCI Rally. It includes the following:
• Emails
• Text messaging
• Web page
• Facebook
• Twitter
Most messages will be repeated on all five systems so you won’t need to watch them all. The WBCCI Electronic Communication Committee activated a variety of channels so you can use the one or two that are most frequently part of your daily life. The special web page FARMINGTON.WBCCI.NET and Facebook page will have more extensive information than text or Twitter. Watch your favorites for updates on schedule changes, room changes and previously unannounced activities. The printed program you received in your welcome packet is your primary source of information (all of the printed program information is available also on the webpage).

Here are some details:
• EMAIL: The ECC has an email group distribution system. If have already registered for the Rally then we have added your email address to the distribution list so you can get emails pertaining to the Rally. You can unsubscribe to the email list by scrolling to the bottom of any message and clicking on “unsubscribe.”
• TEXT: Text messages on your phone is an option (June 25-July 5). We would like to ask that only members actually attending the Rally sign up to receive text because each costs a few pennies. To sign up to receive text messages during the Rally text the word BAMBI to phone number 25827. Your cellular phone carrier regular rates may apply.
• WEB PAGE: A web page was created by the ECC for the Farmington Rally. You can find it by Googling “2015 International Rally at Farmington” or typing into your web browser.
• FACEBOOK: For Facebook users the ECC has created a special page. Look for or search Facebook for “wbccifarmington2015.” You need to be a Facebook member to use this. Please add your own photos to Facebook during the Rally so all your friends back home can share in the excitement.
• TWITTER: Our Twitter feed is at @Wally_Byam. Twitter requires that you be a member. Be a follower of @Wally_Byam. Please add your own pictures during the rally.
You can unsubscribe from text or emails at any time. There are instructions at the bottom of the messages that explain how to stop.
The best source at Farmington for emergency weather alerts is NOAA Weather Radio (162.475 MHz, WXJ-37). Commercial radio station KKOB AM 770 and television KOB TV are well-known in the area for providing up to date weather. There are NO weather warning sirens near McGee Campground. The McGee Park Convention Center has been designated as an emergency shelter for the surrounding community.
If you need help accessing any communication channels ask friends to help you or seek out any ECC member at the Rally. Sometimes it is nice to learn new skills at the Rally. Have fun!
Rally Communications: Teresa Taylor. Electronic Communications Committee at rally: Carolyn Beardshear, Tim Kendziorski, Deb Wood. Program Assistant: Harold Higgins.