Friday, July 3 Updates

This will be nearly the last update to this website.  Have a joyous Fourth of July and a safe trip to wherever you are headed next.  Knowing Airstreamers, it’s probably not home.

We hope we have kept you well informed about events at the International Rally in Farmington.  If you have any suggestions for improving our communication vehicles, please send suggestions to  We can always make this better for members.

Carolyn Beardshear (Website, Email Updates) and Teresa Taylor (Text Messaging, Information Booth).

Friday at 2 p.m. on the CC Stage is the presentation by David Nighteagle, Flute Maker and Performer

At 7:30 p.m. Friday your 2015-16 International Officers will be installed on the CC Stage.

There will be a fireworks display at the SunRay Casino, adjacent to McGee Park, on the evening of July 4.  So sit back at your rig and watch the show!

American FlagPhotos by Tommie Lauer.  Thank you, Tommie, for your extraordinary photographic contributions to the Farmington Publications.

photo(1)Carolyn and Dale – Caravan buddies for 50 years


The first “Airstreamers Have Talent,” organized by Carol Ortiz was a huge success.

photo(4)Deb Wood’s seminar on Identity Theft was well attended and provided excellent information on how to protect your identity.

The Vintage Airstream area is seeing some interesting new arrivals, even this late in the rally.




Sandy and John Boutwell were one of the first members to register for Lewisburg and receive their spiffy blue bag.   Registration will continue on Friday from 9-12  and 1-3.   If you don’t register in Farmington,  visit the Lewisburg Page on to sign up, but do it soon.